How to Make the Perfect Banner Frame

Union organizers bannering project

A banner needs to be pulled tight to be displayed. Having a light weight portable frame will allow it to be set up quickly and moved from location to location easily. A good banner will grab people’s attention and help get your message out to the public. You’ll look like a pro because your banner will have greater visibility. This frame is designed to hold a banner in place even in mild winds.

Follow these simple instructions to make an inexpensive, easy to assemble, collapsible frame made from PVC pipe. In this example we will assemble a frame for a banner measuring approximately 4 feet high and 12 feet in length, with a minimum of 12 grommets.

Gather the following tools and materials

  • Banner with Grommets
  • Marker
  • Hacksaw or PVC Cutter
  • Tape Measure
  • Knife
  • 50 ft- 1 Inch PVC Pipe
  • 2- 1” PVC 90 Degree Elbows
  • 6- 1” PVC “T” Connectors
  • 1- PVC “X” Connector
  • 12- 6” Ball Bungees Instructions
  1. Measure pipes 4–72 inch, 3–48 inch, 9–12 inch.
  2. Cut the pipes to the proper lengths.
  3. Clean the shavings off with a knife.
  4. Lay the banner face down on ground.
  5. Assemble the pieces over the banner.
  6. Thread the ball bungees through the grommets.
  7. Wrap the ball bungees around the pipe frame.
  8. Stand the frame up and twist the feet in place.

Note: The longer pieces will run along the top and bottom of the banner. Two of the three medium length pieces will run from top to bottom on the outside edges and one will reinforce the center. The two PVC elbows hold the top corners together. The “X” connector is for the bottom center of the frame. All the rest of the connections will be made with “T” connectors. The 9 – 12 inch pipes make up the feet to hold the banner up without having to hold it. You will not need glue to attach the pieces.

The completed frame should extend 2 inches from the edge of the banner to the inside edge of the frame. The banner should be pulled tight. One inch PVC pipe works best. Anything less may be too flimsy. PVC Fittings allow the various pieces of pipe to be fitted together easily and disassembled when finished. The frame is reinforced in the middle to keep the frame from bending. To transport your banner frame, bundle the pipes together and wrap with ball bungees.

Congratulations on making the perfect union organizing banner frame! It is light weight, portable, inexpensive to make, and easily assembled.

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