10 Tips for Better Bannering

Union organizing with a banner

The goal of using a banner is to grab people’s attention, even in a city where there are billboards and signs competing for every glance. It’s a high profile way for union organizers to get a message to the public. You’ve probably seen a labor dispute where this tactic was used. A banner might read something like, “Shame on Acme Builders/Labor Dispute.” It can be very effective if done properly. Here are some tips for maximum visibility and effectiveness.

  1. Keep the Headline Brief – Limit your words to seven or less. Anything more and people will lose the message.
  2. Make a collapsible PVC Frame – Assemble a sturdy portable frame made from inexpensive PVC pipe.
  3. Recruit Volunteers – The more volunteers the better. It sends a message to the public that real people are behind the dispute.
  4. Avoid High Winds – A banner tends to act like a sail even in the slightest winds. Order a union made banner with plenty of grommets and secure it with ball bungees.
  5. Pick a High Traffic Area – Set up along busy traffic routes for drivers and pedestrians to see. Get the message to as many people as you can in the shortest amount of time.
  6. Choose the Right Time – Make the biggest impact by timing your activities for peak traffic and maximum visibility.
  7. Hand Something Out – Distribute leaflets, stickers, or buttons. This is an opportunity to connect with the public. You could also collect signatures on a petition.
  8. Turn Up the Pressure – In the beginning start out slow and each day increase the amount of time and the number of volunteers. Your mission is to create a situation that builds momentum.
  9. Never Fold a Banner – Avoid leaving permanent creases and wrinkles. Gently roll-up the banner when you are finished.

Enjoy Yourself – Show enthusiasm for what you’re doing. Your delivery is as important as the message on the banner.

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